Toolbox Essentials for the Average Homeowner

Toolbox Essentials for the Average Homeowner

Toolbox Essentials for the Average Homeowner
A well-equipped toolbox is an essential for any homeowner. Whether you’re an experienced DIYer or a brand new homeowner, your toolbox will be one of the most important items in your home. A toolbox, or at least the tools in it, as essential for all jobs around the home – everything from hanging a picture frame to assembling furniture or attempting home improvements.

Below we’ve listed our top 10 tools all homeowners should own. Think we missed anything? Let us know in the comments!

The Tools


1. Work Gloves

This may seem like an obvious suggestion but its important to put safety first when it comes to jobs
around the house. Work gloves add an extra level of protection from dangers such as splinters or toxic materials. Also, you can prevent callouses by wearing your work gloves. Depending on what you’re doing, other safety apparel may be necessary – check out this link for a more detailed list of protective wear.


2. Measuring Tape

No matter what the job is, measurements are essential. You’ll want a measuring tape that’s durable and easy to read with a wide, stiff blade. A 25-foot metal measuring tape will be suitable for most jobs.


3. Hammer & Nails

A hammer and nails are the bread and butter of any toolbox. They can be used for basic jobs, such as
hanging a frame, or larger jobs like assembling a shelf. A claw hammer is especially useful for removing nails. Speaking of nails, it’s never a bad idea to have a box of nails around the house as they often come in handy.


4. Cordless Drill & Drill Bits

A hammer is incredibly useful for most jobs but sometimes you need something with a little morepower. This is when a cordless drill is a great tool to have. While it is one of the more expensive items on our list, it’s important to have a good-quality drill as it will likely be one of the most used tools in your collection. Drills come equipped with a limited selection of drill bits, so we recommend picking up a drill bit set.


5. Utility Knife

Utilities knives are a great tool that are very useful around the house. They do everything from opening taped up boxes, cutting tiles or carpet, or even scraping paint from around a stuck window. Look for a utility knife with a rubber-covered handle and built-in blade storage for comfort and safety.


6. Level

There is nothing more irritating than hanging a picture frame and realizing it’s crooked. With a level you no longer have to worry about that! Get a level that’s 2 ft. in length for an inexpensive and versatile tool.


7. Wrench Set

Rather than choosing individual wrenches to buy, we suggest getting a wrench set. This doesn’t have to be a major purchase but make sure the wrenches can handle a good amount of pressure. Wrenches are great everyday maintenance tools, specifically for plumbing jobs.

8. Screwdriver set and screws

Like the wrench set, buying a screwdriver set ensures you have a wide selection of screwdrivers so you’re prepared for any job! An inexpensive alternative to buying a full set is the 4-in- 1 or 6-in- 1 options. If you buy a box of screws, make sure that the screw head matches the type of screwdriver you’ve purchased to avoid renovation headaches.

9. Handsaw

A handsaw is a great starter tool for homeowners looking to do any jobs around the house that involve sawing wood trim or plastic pipe. It’s quiet, portable, inexpensive, and very easy to use. Look for one with a good handle for comfort.

10. Pliers

Pliers are one of the most versatile tools you can have. They’re useful for loosening faucets and fasteners or even stripping wires. There’s a lot of variety when it comes to pliers so we suggest doing your research before making a purchase. Here’s a great breakdown on the types of pliers and what jobs they’re used for.


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