5 Home Renovations You Should Never Do Yourself

5 Home Renovations You Should Never Do Yourself

5 Home Renovations You Should Never Do Yourself

Thanks to the Internet and HGTV, no job seems too large for the eager homeowner. Many view DIY repairs and renovations as a way to save money but to the non-professional these renovations can be downright dangerous or end up costing you much more than expected. So before putting on the tool belt and channeling your inner Mike Holmes, check out our list of 5 Home Renovations You Should Never Do Yourself.

1. Electrical

Electrical work is one of the most regulated aspects of home repair, and for a good reason. Misplaced or poorly installed or wires can cause electrical shocks, circuit breaks, or overheating resulting in fire. When it comes to electrical repairs its better to be safe than sorry and hire a certified electrician.

2. Structural Changes/Demolition

Demolition is very dangerous and risky to do on your own. Plumbing, gas pipes, and electrical wires could be damaged during the process if you don’t know what you’re doing. As well, without understanding the structure of your house you could accidentally knock down a key support wall. It’s best to hire a licensed contractor who has a good understanding of structural design and building code requirements to avoid any headaches.

3. Plumbing

If plumbing is not installed correctly, you could end up with leaks that could damage the structural integrity of the home or cause mold growth which is a health hazard. A job that seems like a quick fix could turn into a full-fledged plumbing disaster. Better to save yourself the hassle and hire a licensed plumber to avoid a plumbing nightmare.


4. Asbestos Removal

Asbestos, or mold, is dangerous to remove without wearing a hazardous materials suit or the proper training. The removal of asbestos is also highly regulated to avoid further contamination. So what should you do if you discover asbestos or mold in your home? Hire a professional.


5. Roofing Repairs

There’s one main reason its not recommended to repair your roof DIY style – it’s very easy to fall off a roof. In this case it’s better to hire a roofer with the proper equipment and training to repair your roof. Plus, there’s more to repairing a roof than just shingles. You have to consider pest control, insulation, and leak protection.

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